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Our Process

If you are interested in services from Canyon Creative please contact our Faculty Advisor. We will return your inquiry within 24 hours.

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Kickoff Meeting

We start each project with a kickoff meeting. This enables Canyon Creative to understand your project and maintain transparent communication. During this meeting, we will strategize a plan to move forward.


Production Schedule

A plan would not be complete without setting up milestones and design sprints. Our goal is to show you progress each step of the way and to include our clients in the creative process.


Milestones & Sprints

We will define a set of deliverables and complete them within a 2-week period. This enables Canyon Creative to be a nimble agile creative agency.


Completion of Work

Once the project is completed and the final payment is delivered we will deliver all working files. All work created by Canyon Creative is owned by you. With your permission, we wish to promote on our website.


Handoff & Support

Handoff & SupportAfter the handoff of files, our team is on call to provide training and technical support for 30 days.*

Past Alumni

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Grand Canyon University, while reserving its lawful rights where appropriate to take actions designed to ensure and promote the Christian principles that sustain its mission and heritage, prohibits unlawful discrimination, including any form of harassment and/or retaliation, on the basis of age, disability, national origin, race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, veteran status or any other classification protected by applicable law, in its employment, admissions policies, educational programs or activities. It is the purpose of the university to pursue the highest of academic standards within a context that celebrates and extends the spiritual and ethical ideals of the Christian faith. This policy also complies with the Title IX requirements related to non-discrimination

Right of Refusal

Canyon Creative has the right to refuse the work of content that is not in compliance with the universities mission & vision. Please see our foundational documents found here.

Christian Identity & Mission


Interested in working with us? Contact our new business leadership about your business and the scope of the project.

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